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Patio Covers

Increase your living area with a custom made patio cover. Enjoy your garden in any season.

Types of Patio Covers

Gazebos, awnings, canvas overhangs, aluminum awnings and enclosures, as well as several other types of structures and coverings for outdoor areas intended for gatherings of various kinds, are all types of patio covers.

Canopies are very adaptable types of patio covers that can go with many different types of patio layouts, decors and functions. Patio canopies are those canopies specifically designed to protect outdoor patios with a permanent patio cover. These are often attached to outdoor restaurants.

Outdoor patio covers like canopies usually have side protectors as well. In the case of a patio canopy, side sun protection typically comes in the form of side flaps that can be either rolled down or secured in an up position when not in use. These side flaps not only provide improved sun protection, but also offer some protection from the wind and other elements.

The side drop curtains on a patio canopy can be either clear or opaque. Both types of patio canopy flaps have their advantages. The opaque flaps will block more sun and harmful UV rays, while the clear flaps will allow for more visibility. This can be important at various types of outdoor functions.

Patio awnings are a great way to protect the wood or stone of your patio area, while offering some protection form the sun and other elements to your guests. Where patio canopies generally imply any type of overhead structure that protects from sun and rain, a patio awning typically is the same with the main feature of being attached to a house or other structure on at least one side.

If you are interested in patio covers for use while camping, then you’ll want a completely different type of patio cover. Typically, the kinds of patio covers used by campers are the types that are made to fit over a regular picnic table. These can be an effective and economical way to protect eating areas from pests as well as rain and sun.

Certainly, the type of activities and duration of use, whether in general or per use, are attributes that play factors in deciding which types of patio covers are going to meet your particular set of circumstances and needs.