The benefits of the installation of awnings:

No Construction Hassles

Installing awnings, particularly patio covers and cabanas, is like adding a room to your house or commercial structure without the cost, mess and down-time of a construction project.  No general contractor or architect is required.

Weather Protection

Awnings protect carpets, furniture, draperies, inventories, windows and doors from both sun and rain damage.  In addition, awnings provide more comfortable living and working spaces, both inside and outside your home or building, as they keep temperatures down in the summer and keep surfaces dry in the winter.  This results in both improved usage of existing space and reduced energy costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Many awnings are designed and purchased solely for their decorative appeal while awnings required for functional purposes can always be designed to be beautiful. Awnings are timeless, elegant and fit seamlessly into all styles ranging from traditional to rustic to modern and beyond.

Low Maintenance

Awnings are virtually maintenance-free and only require light cleaning.  Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are water-tight, fade-resistant, and rot-resistant.  Galvanized steel is guaranteed not to rust and powder-coated aluminum has a lifetime finish.